Welcome to Rootzone


Located in Chilliwack BC, Rootzone offers Comprehensive Gardening Services including Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. Rootzone is owned and operated by Mary-Anne Gehman, a Horticulturist, and an Organic Master Gardener with deep roots in the community and a passion for gardens.

Rootzone clients include large and small private gardens as well as commercial and strata properties. If you are a novice first time gardener or an experienced serious gardener looking for a knowledgeable, reliable company with the love of all things green, please contact us for a consultation or a quote.

Rootzone is Committed to Quality, Guaranteed Satisfaction and Personalized Service.


When you are just not sure how, or what to do, or even where to start, or you don’t have the time or energy we can help. This is where it all begins!


Rootzone has been caring for gardens for many years, it all started with a fascination and love of plants, nurturing them to their full potential is second nature.


Rootzone offers a number of speciality gardening services such as edible gardens, container gardening, xeriscaping, and ecoscaping. Find out more about our speciality services.